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all steel truck bed

 New! Steel Truck Beds:

In-house products including our all-steel truck beds require the superior quality finish that Carolina Custom Powder coating provides. Items like our all-steel truck beds get hand sanded, thoroughly washed and rinsed, then washed with phosphoric acid. This final wash creates corrosion resistance. Seams are sealed and the truck beds are primed and baked.

Once out of the oven, the truck bed is powder coated with care. The truck bed shown to the right is powder coated in high gloss black. In-stock finishes include gloss and matte black, white and silver. If one of our 6000+ stock colors does not fit your needs, we offer custom colors.

For more information about our All-Steel or Alumi-Steel Truck Beds, please visit Carolina Custom Product's Truck Bed Web site.