carolina custom powder coating

Processes & Options

 Our 9 step process: 

Our powder coat process starts with either air sanding or sandblasting the product. We then wash, rinse and throughly clean each item to be powder coated with a zinc phosphate wash. This extensive preparation creates a clean surface for the primer application which is baked on before the final stage powder is applied. After the final powder is baked on, we have created not only a beautiful finish but is also durable and corrosion resistant.

 Finishing options: 

We offer over 6000 color coatings and finishes including popular choices such as high gloss black and white, bronze, copper and silver vein. We also have the capability to match any custom color.

Here is a video of our smaller paint booth.

Powder coating projects: 

  • all shapes and sizes of metals and parts
  • machinery
  • automotive cabinets & drawers
  • motorcycle frames
  • rims & wheels
  • race cars 
  • dragsters
  • decorative gates
  • commercial balconies
  • exterior staircases
  • residential decorative stairs
  • light fixtures
  • hand and guard railings
  • fencing
  • metal furniture such as benches or patio furniture
  • bleachers
We powder coat all of our in-house products
  • Steel truck beds
  • Truck bed frames
  • All Terrain Responder components
  • Components for the ambulance industry
  • Components for large forestry equipment
  • Ornate architectural metalwork
  • And more

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